Dynamically Resize HTML elements

One day I got real tired of havig to statically assign height and width to my MVC web pages, so I used this little tidbit to help dynamically resize a web app depending on the size of the window after document ready and after a resize event has fired.

function ResizeElements()
    var bodyDiv = document.getElementById('body');
    var contentWrapper = $('#body > .content-wrapper');
    var featuredHeight = $('#body > .featured').outerHeight(true);
    var kendoGrid = $('.KendoGrid');

    // set the height of the overall body container
    bodyDiv.style.height = (window.outerHeight - 125).toString() + 'px';

    // set the width of the content wrapper.  the wrapper inherits it's
// height from the body container
    contentWrapper.width(window.outerWidth - 200).toString() + 'px';

    // if there is a KendoGrid class element present, set it's height so
    // the bottom is about 10 pixels from the footer
    if (kendoGrid.length > 0)
        kendoGrid.height(window.outerHeight - featuredHeight - 275);

// this helps re-render the kendo grid

$(document).ready(function ()


Dynamically Resize HTML elements

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