ForeignKeyReferenceAlreadyHasValueException…nuff said…

The full title of this post should be “System.Data.Linq.ForeignKeyReferenceAlreadyHasValueException: Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object.” but that would have been a mouthful…I mean ForeignKeyReferenceAlreadyHasValueException kinda just flows out right?  Anyway…

This at first fooled me into thinking it had something to do with the RadGridView control I was using from Telerik UI for WPF…however when I dug a little deeper it had more to do with the Linq to SQL classes that I was using.  They were getting confused about foreign key relationships during the update of their values.  The article I linked seemed to have a good method of explaining what’s going on and how to work around it.  The workaround is instead of setting the value of the foreign key related column…set the object property that gets created for it in the Linq to SQL class.

Hope this helps someone.  🙂

ForeignKeyReferenceAlreadyHasValueException…nuff said…

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