…aaaaaand done…

*breathes a deep breath*
Wow…what a coding marathon.  I don’t think I’ve wrote that much code in one sitting before.  So as you may or may not have noticed…I took a few days break from blogging because I had an obscene amount of code I needed to write for my job and didn’t want to be distracted with my knowledge pursuit.
What I’ve been doing is rewriting my wonder app from the ground up.  The wonder app is what I call this home brewed app I whipped up for my job.  I’ll never go into technical details about it’s doing…but let it suffice to say it does everything…at least it does now.  😉
I dread rewrites…but they are a constant plague to me.  As I learn new tricks I can’t help but want to go back to old code and update it…then…as in kung fu…I start seeing how the pieces go together differently and realize I could do something a lot more elligant and poof…rewrite.  This time, however, something else caused the need for a rewrite and I just took advantage of the situation…honestly I’m glad I did.  I’m waaay more happy with wonder app 2.0 and I think my customers will really dig the new hotness.
The wonder app is actually a collection of projects.
  • Sql Database for storage
  • Linq to Sql classes for CRUD operations to the database
  • Reference DLL which wraps Linq to Sql class into Models that can be used in UI elements without causing extra network traffic
  • MVC Read Only Website which references the DLL to get database access
  • WPF app which references the DLL to get database access

I rewrote all of it.  There was a bit of cutting and pasting from wonder app 1.0…but really I learned so many new tricks and had an epiphony on how to more logically structure the model classes by using extensions…and I can honestly say the code in 2.0 looks very little like 1.0 now…so that’s more or less why I’m calling it a rewrite.  The nice thing is it’s soooo much more smooth now.  Binding “magic” in WPF is pretty slick I gotta say.  🙂

So yeah…in the coming days I’ll be writing up some posts about a few issues I happened across whilst doing the rewrite…

  • Sql Db Design
  • Linq to Sql
  • Telerik WPF UI controls
  • Binding in WPF
  • Probably a few more as I review my code tomorrow…

Looking forward to sharing the experience…but for now, I sleep!  ZZzzzzzzz


…aaaaaand done…

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