A little tune that touches my soul

Hello loyal followers!  I think today I’ll be posting something musical.  I mentioned this song on Facebook a while back…but I heard it on my way into work this morning and refreshed it’s presense in my head so…away we go.

I’m not an overly religious person…and I’m not going to ever really chat about religious beliefs in this blog…let it suffice to say I follow pretty close to an agnostic like system.

That being said…these lyrics from Machine Head’s Darkness Within are something that make me understand that “they were wrote for me” cliche…

Mysterys forgotten chords
I strum in vain to please the lord
But he has never answered me
My faith has waned eternally
In empty men who pass along
The woes of all religions wrong
But now the shadowed veil it falls
Heed the clarion call
So pray to music build a shrine
Listen in these desperate times
Fill your heart with every note
Cherish it and cast afloat
Because god is in these clef and tone
Salvation is found alone
Haunted by its melody
Music it will set you free
Let it set you free

I used to be a bible thumpin hard core believer in Christianity…which the first 4 lines spells out beautifuly.  Then as I’ve grown older my experiences have shown me there’s the same short comings I found in Christianity in pretty much all other religions…and I eventually come to realize that my religion comes from the music I listen to.  It’s where I look to for comfort, solace, wisdom, direction, and faith.  “God is in these clef and tone…Salvation is found alone.”  That so fits me to my core.  Anyone that knows me will know it was true long before I ever heard this song.

Now every time I hear these lyrics, my eyes well up…maybe it’s the way Robb Flynn is delivering the message…maybe it’s just the power of the connection that resonates with me…but it’s no exaguation…Music!  Let it set you free!

So anyway…I think I’ll wrap it up by saying that music is so amazing.  The sound carries with it the history of our world with every new combination and mashing that’s thought up.  The words inspire emotion and passion in everyone…maybe not all the time, but no one can deny that music has brought out some degree of emotion from within them at some piont in their life…few things have that sort of all encompassing effect.  Anyway…that’s enough for now.  Hope you enjoyed the perspective.  🙂

A little tune that touches my soul

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