Working Topics

Hello again (again again again…..)…it is I…the brain that dwells within Toffer’s very spacious cranium.

I’m not through with this blog yet…not by a longshot.  🙂  Going forward I’ll be using this post to keep track of the topics I’m currently blogging about or plan to blog about…so I’ll be continuously editing this post as I go.

As of this very second, here are the topics I have in my brain…Keep tuned and as always, Enjoy!  🙂

Current Topics:

These are topics that I’m currently blogging about and actively updating the posts because I’m not 100% finished yet.  Once a post is 100% complete I’ll move it off this list and it’ll just be it’s own thing at that point.

  • Evolvinator – What the hell?  Something new!?!  Yup.  I’m getting my head wrapped around something new and I intend to start posting about it.  It’s stupid and probably only interesting to me…but something I said was helpful to someone once, so what the hell.  Evolvinator is going to be a little project app I’m going to let “evolve” to teach myself things about evolution.  I’m going to try and keep maticulous track of it’s progression so I can do an over-time sort of post-mordem sort of thing.  Lets see if I can actually keep myself disciplined enough to do it.  😛
  • Switching from using BackgroundWorker to using Task in a WPF app
  • Binding a Telerik Kendo Grid column that has a null value object when trying use a sub property for displaying the value
  • What’s this SignalR stuff anyway?
    • My work is having me do investigation into how to incorperate SignalR into what we do so I’ve got a few samples to blog about here.  Nifty stuff.  I’m going to enjoy adding it into my superduper omega supreme wonder app.
    • I bumped into this and it’s about enabling and disabling kendo comboboxes, but it pretty much applies to all kendo controls
  • Regex tricks
    • I’ve recently had to learn how to use regex queries…like a lot of them, so I’m going to post some of the tricks I used to get some of the data I was looking for in a given string.
    • I’ll also explain in length about how great the site is.  🙂

Retired Topics:

These are topics that I was thinking about digging into, but for one reason or another decided it wouldn’t be worth my time…the “back burner” so to speak…

  • Making a WPF app using python for code behind instead of C#
    • I did some work on this and got a project setup enough to actually create a page while using python code behind…I’d be willing to make a post about the experience if anyone had interest…but mostly what I found is that while it seems like a novel idea at first, it’s just easier to let C# do what it already does well with WPF and let python do what it’s good at instead of trying to marry them…so I’m not going to be doing any more investigation down this path.


Working Topics

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