Freakin Fitness

Hello all.

My main goal for this blog was to talk about coding stuff…and I’m working on some stuff for that right now but there’s that pesky work stuff that gets in the way of me creating my examples and crafting up blog posts to go with them.  Whine whine whine…I know.  You’re all chomping at the bit for those blog posts I know…they’re coming.

In the meantime…I also have wrote about some musical thoughts to fill the gaps.  I have lots more to say about music as well, but the mood has to strike me at the right time to blog about it and I’m never in a convienent spot to blog when I’m struck with inspiration about music.  It’s usually whilie I’m driving.

Another area of my life that I spend a lot of time thinking about recently is my fitness.  And that’s what we’ve gathered here today to chat about.  I’ve generally used Facebook in the past to post any deep and meaningful thoughts about anything…I think going forward I’ll tend to use this blog for that sort of thing.  That being said…the category for today is Freakin Fitness.

So what do I mean about Freakin Fitness?  It means I hate working out…I hate sweating…I am inherintly lazy and I like to habitually snack on things.  My nature is to want to sit and hermit into a little cave and binge watch videos or play video games until there’s something else I have to do.  It’s not a healthy nature, I’ll admit…but then again nothing that can be obssessed over is healthy in the long run…so since I’m a smrt (now read that in Homer Simpson’s voice…I am so smart….S.M.R.T.) human being…I know I should fight that nature.

I promise that future posts on this topic will be shorter and more to the point, but this is kinda a history post so when I get old and alzheimery I can read this and remember…so…anyway…

I will admit I let myself go a bit over the years.  At the time of this writing I’m 6′ 4″ and 314 lbs.  I didn’t weight myself when I started kung fu…I’m estimating that I was somewhere around 350-360 lbs.  I was a much more addicted of a gamer when I was single man than I am now as a family man…however I also lost weight a lot easier in those days.  Back then really all I had to do is eat 1 less cheeseburger and take a walk aro0und the block (ok, I’m exagurating, but you get the idea…).  These days…my metabolism has slowed significantly.  Now I have to be very careful about what I eat…and I need to workout like mad to shed any weight.

One of the things I’ve come to realize as I wisen up in my family man role is that life is short.  Very short.  And if I give into my nature it would get shorter.  I want every moment I can squeeze into my life to enjoy my family.  I want to be there for them for as long as I can possibly last to help support them and raise them up to be the best they can be.  I have already exceeded every goal I have ever set for myself, so now I focus on them.  I want nothing more than for my kids to surpass me in everything I’ve managed to accomplish, but I refuse to make it an easy target for them…and I want to last as long as I can to be there with my wife to watch it all unfold.

So to that end I’ve once again found the willpower to ignore my dislike of working out and sweating…and in general getting off my lazy ass.  I found that willpower through my family in wanting to be a good role model for my boys.  Actually it manifested about 1 1/2 years ago when I got my younger boys and I into kung fu…but it wasn’t nearly as rampant as it is now.  Back then I just opened the door and peaked in…now I can confidently say I’ve taken a step through the door…but I occasionally peak back out.

When I got started in kung fu, like I said, it was to start down a path to get in shape to be a better role model.  As I attended the classes and grew to become friends with Sifu and the other students I have found other reason that have inspired me to get into shape, but honeslty when I think deeply about it…it always roots back to wanting to do it for my family.

Anyway…a couple months after I started kung fu, I started watching several of my fellow classmates do an extra “grappling” class…and then later compete in grappling tournements.  For some reason ground fighting has always seemed right up my alley.  I’m a big ol’ bear…I think it’s just another part of my nature to find it to my liking.  I got a lot of weight to throw around and I like to think I have a good feel for being able to shift it around and use it (of course Sifu and my fellow classmates often show me how much I suck at it, but that’s a post for another time).  Anyway…the story goes that I eventually worked up the nerve to ask Sifu if I could join in on the grappling fun…he asked if I was sure because it was kinda the “deep end of the pool” and as I’m typing this I can hear his words echo through my mind…”be careful what you wish for”.

I first started on just doing the Thursday night before kung fu class.  No offical style…just Sifu showing us what he’s learned about fighting on the ground over the years, which was then enhanced by Tim’s amazing jui jitsui skills…but really it’s just generic ground fighting tactics.  I love it.  So I rolled with these guys for a couple months, then I went with my younger boys and watched my fellow classmates compete in the tourney…and that’s where my life turned into Freakin Fitness.  I felt compelled to take part.  I formulated a plan to help me focus my willpower.  I decided I was going to compete in this grappling tourney.

What’s the big deal with that?  The big deal is I’ve never done any sort of sports competition before.  I’ve done some competeing in high school concert band…but I don’t think that compares…and the other thing I was 350 lbs.  I had some obvious obsticles and I ended up seeing this as an amazing oppertunity to show my kids how to perservere and accomplish a difficult goal.  I just had to…you know…do it.  Eeeek!

Now even though I’m a lazy schlub…my nature is also that of a competitor.  I want to win when I play a game.  When I loose I try harder to win the next time.  If I keep loosing I practice until I can come back and triumph…I’ve just never applied that to any actual physical competition…so I’m doing what I can to take this seriously as possible.

I’m looking to compete in Novemeber which at the moment is about 6 1/2 months away…I’m actually pretty scared about competeing but I’m going to go through with it no matter what.  As much as I’m going to want to be a winner in my match, I trying hard to remember that my goal isn’t to win, it’s just to compete…because come on…going from a lard ass 350 lbs who was huffing and puffing after climbing stairs…down to what I’m hoping is somewhere below 300 (currently at 314) and now able to grapple in class for 45 mins with a little left in the tank afterwords…that’s a victory all in itself.

To train I’ve been mostly doing my regular Thursday grappling class…and when the other students are preparing to compete I join in their extra jui jitsu classes to get extra time in on the matt.  I think all I should really be worrying about really is my cardio…but I’m hoping that some skills will stick in my head the more time I get on the matt between now and November.  Currently there’s no other training going on with fellow students so I started rolling with another school on Friday’s.  They are a great group of folks who are at the very beginings of starting a Gracie Jui Jitsu class.  I’ll gleen what I can from it…but my heart and loyalty will always belong to the Kung Fu club.

Also to help with training I’ve converted one of the rooms in my house into a workout room.  I got ahold of an eliptical and now have a heavy bag hung up to allow me to workout at home instead of only at the kung fu compound.  Any day that I don’t workout in some sort of class, I spend 20 minutes on my eliptical keeping my heart rate up around 150 beats per minutes…and then I’ll jump off and punch the bag for about 10 minutes.  That’ll pretty much have my shirt drenched in sweat when I’m done.  The next step is to add some matts on the floors.

“Be careful what you wish for”…yup…since I started my on my journey I’ve I inured myself more times that I can count…I’ve worked out so hard I’ve thrown up several times…I’ve soaked my shirt completely drenched in sweat hundreds of times…I’ve woken up sore pretty much every single day.  I have cursed this decision and have been tempted to give up many times…but giving up is not what being a family man is about.  Like I mentioned before, I’m providing a target for my boys to surpass…and I’m not making it easy…but I hope that they’ll reach for it and blow it to smithereens.

So that’s the history of what I’m talking about whenever I put up a Freakin Fitness category.  It will often be ranting and depressing to be sure…but it’s a pressure valve I’ll use to help release every once in a while so I don’t blow my top and just give up.  Enjoy the adventure.  🙂

Freakin Fitness

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