No intro…getting right into the post…oh crap, I guess that was an intro just now…  😛

So I’ve been told and have read things over the years about how to stay in shape.  I’m sure you all know it boils down to exercising and eating right.  If you don’t…let me save you some time…IT ALL BOILS DOWN TO EXERCISING AND EATING RIGHT.  There, now you know the secret.

Now that I’m drinking the “get in shape” coolaid so to speak, I can notice that my body is responding.  I’ve been feeling stronger…my stamina is getting better…I’m loosing weight…so I’d guess that means my body is fixing the damage.  However I still look old.

AFAIK, when you’re working out…you are actually causing damage to your muscles which is what causes them to grow back stronger and more resistent to being damaged again…which means that your body is generating new tissue and cells.

Aging is the process of your cells degrading over time as they’re being replaced…kinda like a copy of a copy of a copy of a cpy of a cpy of a cpy of a cp of a cp of a cp (see what I did there?)

One of my questions is if you body is creating new cells for your muscles…those are brand new…shouldn’t they be starting out at the “original” point instead of the “copy of a copy of a copy” point?

And that just leads me to another question about skin…as I’m loosing weight I can see more and more flab, which is skin that’s been stretched out too far and won’t shrink…what would happen if I just had all the flab cut off and let the skin grow back on it’s own (if that was even possible without dying).  Would it grow back as the stretched skin or would it came back as the “original”?

I’ve always have had the point of view that my body is just a machine…and it reflects how well I’ve taken care of it.  I would say it’s just like a car in that if you put crappy fuel in and never get it serviced…the car would die before it’s time…however in that analogy if you start putting in good fuel and servicing the car…it doesn’t magically heal that car from all wounds…the damage is done.  From what I’ve noticed in myself, that’s not entirely so for people when they let themselves go and start getting back into good health.  The damage may be done…but we heal that damage to a degree, but you just cannot heal the damage that aging does.  It’s like there some master blueprint of what it takes to make the components in your body and it’s stored somewhere out in the open where the blueprint continuously degrades from being eroded by weather…and there’s nothing that can be done about it.  Man that pisses me off!  The idea that I’m just going to keep withering away no matter how much time and effort I put into stopping it…it’s very frustrating.

But then I think of the inevitable zombie apocolypse that’s sure to take place any day now and I know I’ll be put all this working out and getting into shape to good use.  😉

Anyway…just some food for thought.  Feel free to comment or not.  Enjoy.  🙂


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