A moment of captured soul

This morning I was listening to whatever happened to randomly pop up on my master favorites list.  Just a small list of 1500 songs or so that I’ve liked over the years.

Poison’s Ball and Chain came up.  Now this song isn’t on my favorites list because of it’s masterful level of guitar playing or it’s amazing level of song construction.  I mean everyone knows it…this is a filler song.  Poison did not sit around for months thinking that one up.  It is however a great song to use for improving guitar skills…lots of cool good practice riffs in there.

No…this song is on my favorites list because before the song even really starts you hear what sounds like the band warming up.  It could all be part of the song or someone could have just flipped on the recording equipment as the band was getting ready to go…I don’t know the true story behind the recording…but somewhere around 28-29 seconds into the recording you can hear a piece of the guitarists soul…just for a split second.  I don’t know if he meant it to happen or if it just accidentally slipped out, but everytime I hear him do that walk down from that riff…I get a picture of him in my head and I imagine the look on his face is so intense right there.  Every damn time I hear that…I think of that same thing.  It’s not complex, it’s not long, it’s not some thrashing thing…just something quick, pure, an simple.  That’s what it’s there.

A moment of captured soul


The title says it all…it’s the name (well, not the exact name…no need to make hacking me any easier on someone…hehehe) I’ve given to my monster machine that I built for pretty close to the same amount I spent on my previous gaming rig.  The difference, the first one I had built for me at a Computer Stop store near where I work…the other is one I built myself about 6 years later.

The store built one was running an Intel I5 (can’t remember the speed) with 8 gigs of ram and a Nvidia 970 GTX with a 1 gig of ram on it.  It was a pretty darn fine gaming rig 6 years ago…and is “ok” for today’s games.  I added on an SSD drive which kept it limping along and have since given it to one of my kids for their first gaming rig.

The one I’ve recently built is only rivaled by Terry Cruz’s monster machine…which only beats mine because he’s doing dual SLI GTX 1080’s…lucky bugger.  😉  I’m now running an Intel I7-6700 unlocked, 32 gigs of ram, GTX 1070 with 4 gigs of ram on it, SSD hard drive for the games and system drive…and it’s also running 5 – 1 TB drives setup in a RAID 5 drive array for storing our family media.

I’m very…let me stress that a little better…VERY happy with this new machine…it is a beast.  It has varying speed control on all it’s fans…and it’s got 11 of them.  I decided to stick with fans instead of liquid cooling because all the research I did said that the things I was running just didn’t produce enough heat to warrent liquid cooling…seemed to me the ones that did it were just doing it for bragging rights and for me…it seems like mixing luquids with electronics is always a bad idea in general, so I stuck with what I knew…not at all sad for doing it.

I “accidentally” bought a case that was a “bit” bigger than I was expecting.  You know, one of those accidents that happen when you just look at a picture and totally ignore the listed dimensions.  Yeah…so, long story short…I got this monstersly HUGE Cosmos II case from Casemasters.  Without hesitation I can tell you it’s the biggest damn case I’ve ever seen…my first reaction was “where the hell am I going to put it?”…after having it for about a month now, I’m so happy I got this case.  It was so easy to install everything into because of the large amount of space.  It’s so well designed for air flow and cable routing…really I could go on for probably a whole page on what I liked about working on that case…and it’s whisper quiet while running (well until I turn the fans on high)…really if you have a little extra to spend on your build…buy this damn case!  😉

This being the first PC I’ve built in more than 10 years…things have changed a bit.  Cabling is so much easier now…OMG what the hell were we thinking 10 years ago.  In general everything about putting a system together is so much smoother now than it used to be…except for getting the SATA connections in…but they could have been due to me adding the drives in as my last step.  I LOVE how the CPU doesn’t have pins on it anymore…the ram went in so nicely…the CPU fan was pretty easy to do once I figured out the fan’s mechism…yeah, it just went so smooth.  I turned it on and Beast came to life with no issues at all…and has blown me away with it’s performance.

I decided to look into how it compared up to the beasty machine I have at work for doing builds.  Well that machine is about 4 years old now running dual Xeon E5 6 core procs with 32 gigs of ram and an SSD drive specifically setup to deal with building code fast.  It’s always been the fastiest machine I’ve ever used…until now.  My new gaming rig is blowing it away in every category.  I’d love to bring it to work and have them do building side by side to see which one does better, but it’s probably not a good idea to bring my personal machine into work just for something like that.  😉  I think the build machine would still win just because it has 12 cores cranking away at building while my gaming rig would only have 4 cores…even though they are going twice the speed, it just wouldn’t be enough to overtake 12 cores.  Be a fun race tho for geek like me.  😉

So to wrap up…I’m loving the I7-6700, loving the GTX 1070, loving the Casemaster Cosmos II…really glad I decided to build a machine again.  I’ve thrown every hard hitting graphical game I have at it set at the highest settings and I’ve never experienced a bit of lag anywhere.  So awesome.  🙂