A moment of captured soul

This morning I was listening to whatever happened to randomly pop up on my master favorites list.  Just a small list of 1500 songs or so that I’ve liked over the years.

Poison’s Ball and Chain came up.  Now this song isn’t on my favorites list because of it’s masterful level of guitar playing or it’s amazing level of song construction.  I mean everyone knows it…this is a filler song.  Poison did not sit around for months thinking that one up.  It is however a great song to use for improving guitar skills…lots of cool good practice riffs in there.

No…this song is on my favorites list because before the song even really starts you hear what sounds like the band warming up.  It could all be part of the song or someone could have just flipped on the recording equipment as the band was getting ready to go…I don’t know the true story behind the recording…but somewhere around 28-29 seconds into the recording you can hear a piece of the guitarists soul…just for a split second.  I don’t know if he meant it to happen or if it just accidentally slipped out, but everytime I hear him do that walk down from that riff…I get a picture of him in my head and I imagine the look on his face is so intense right there.  Every damn time I hear that…I think of that same thing.  It’s not complex, it’s not long, it’s not some thrashing thing…just something quick, pure, an simple.  That’s what it’s there.

A moment of captured soul

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