Back in the Saddle

Wait…give me a minute…

…..UUUUUUGH….*stretch*….UHHHHHH…..and lets just add an OOFDA in there.

You may be asking yourself what the heck all that is about.  It’s my dammed body yelling at me for jumping back into the workout saddle all of a sudden like yesterday.  Oh yeah…the body is certainly angry at me today…but there’s a number of things that I need stamina for coming up and I have multiple other reasons to do it…

The absolute most important reason is my boys.  One of them made a new years resolution to workout more.  He’s done ok, but I’m not the sort that wants to have to remind my kids of their commitments…either they want to do something or they don’t and they’ll reap the benefits or the suffer the downfall accodingly.  Life’s the best teacher of wisdom there is and they need to experience it…that being said I don’t enjoy watching my kiddo’s fail…so to inspire him I decided to dive back into working out on a regular basis and to make sure he saw it.  Lead by example Toffer…lead by example…that’s what I was chanting to myself last night trying to push through level 11 on the eliptical.

Bah…level 11…I was on level 20, 3 months ago.  Damned surgery, holiday’s, sickness, loosing my first match….ALL DAMNED EXCUSES.  The plain and simple dirty truth of it all is I knowingly slacked off my good eating habits and excercising and I’m feeling it in my belt.

Then there’s kung-fu.  As I creep ever closer to my next progression, I know Sifu wants to see even better conditioning…for a guy who hates working out, this is going to be a tough one, but the boys need to see what they’re in for once they get to where I’m at…and I want to be a better training partner for them someday so I’ll push ever onward.

I tell ya…anyone reading this thing looking for a bit of inspiration, it all comes from my kiddos…so, go have a kid.  HAH!  Anyway…just figured I’d give a long overdue update on where I’ve landed on my fitness.  I made it all the way down to 260lbs at the peak of my working out…and starting from 360, I’m extremely proud of that because I pretty much just took what was being taught to me by Sifu and the various sihing around me…and really seriously applied it, putting the work in…and the short and tall of it is it worked and will continue to work as long as I continue to stick to it.  That’s the end of the story…you want to be in shape and be healthy, you eat right and workout…that’s an AND in there, not an OR…unless you work a job where you’re burning through thousands of calories a day or you’re one of those damned lucky bastards with a metabolism that burns through anything…EVERYONE needs to do something extra to burn off calories and keep muscles in tone.  End of story…anyway…I’ve probably gained back to 275 by my guess…I’m too scared to actually step on the scale, but I can feel my belt a bit tighter and that’s enough of a kick in the ass for me to put a stop to it…so that being said…

SHUT THE HELL UP BODY…you’ll do as you’re told and just deal with.  I’m living a long and healthy life to watch all my boys grow wise beyond my years.  🙂

Back in the Saddle


Just thought I’d give a shout out to a new follower…it’s crazy to follow my blog, but I thank her regardless. Love her photography…this one in particular reminds me a lot of back home in northern Minnesota. Nice work…keep it up! 🙂

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Hey all.

Yup…that’s all I got after having taken a pretty long haitus from writing stuff in this blog.  For a while I turned kinda health nut and lost a bunch of weight…and blogged about that stuff for a while, but that’s not what I really want to be spending my time thinking and blogging about.  I think what happened is I was finding ways to keep my brain interested in the process of eating better and exercising…because I hated it.  I’m still doing it…I still hate it…but it’s more a part of my everyday life now.  That’s how it’s gotta be if you really want to keep healthy and keep weight off…but like I said, it’s not something I’m terribly intersted in so I’m not going to actively blog about unless I have something I to say that’s burning it’s way through my fingers.

Ok, if you’re still with me…great.  This page is a landing spot for the project I kicked off with my younger kids.  The concept is that I’m going to use this as a way to show them how the coding process works.  Starting a project out in source control…designing the concept of the program and how objects should interact, coding up a framework to build from, reviewing code before it’s checked in, etc…  So far they seem to love it…unfortunately I’m a terrible teacher so they’ll have that to keep dealing with.

So the basic idea I pitched to the boys was that Evolvinator was going to be an app that has the concept of a cycle.  At the start of every cycle it creates a “Toffoid”.  The toffoid currently just exists and sits in memory…and every new cycle another is created and added to the collection.  I know…stupid…but a simple concept for an 8 and 10 year old to get their heads wrapped around.  I then said my intent is to alter the “toffoid” code so that they would start interacting…and then eventualy mutate on their own.  They were hooked.

One of them immediately started coming up with different varients of toffoids and started making artwork for them.  The other started getting really into the coding side of things and started writing his own programs to learn what my code was doing.  I’m so excited…they are showing interest in what I do for a living…well sorta.  Now I just have to figure out how to keep fostering that curiosity and not let it die.  If I can do that, they’ll have a much better jumping off point in the coding world than I did.  I always said I wish I would have gone to school for programming instead of being self taught.  There so much training in logic and patterns than a person gets while going through all the education in coding techniques that took me many years to figure out on my own.  It would be so awesome if I could give them an edge by teaching them what I know.

I’m using Microsoft accounts and Visual Studio Online for an IDE and source control.  I’m still trying to convert to the world of “git” myself so it’ll be good for me as well.

I’ll be posting code source and details about design as I go forward as well as any interesting conversations the boys and I have that I think is worth chatting about, but this is the kick off.  Enjoy!  🙂

Update 01-05-2017:

I’ve got the framework of the app down.  I have given it the concept of a cycle which is currently 10 seconds.  Every cycle it creates a “Toffoid” object.

A “Toffoid” currently consists of having a Guid for an Id and a value of 1-10 for LifePoints.  They are then added to a List<Toffoid> collection and that’s where they sit.

I made the Toffoid serializable and when the program exits it serializes created Toffoids out to a binary file…when the app starts it deserializes them back into the List<Toffoid> in memory.

That’s about all the further I’ve take it so far as I’m waiting for the kiddos to do some code review.  Idea’s we’ve talked about is having different classes derive from Toffoid to make things like a planet for other Toffoids to exist on, evolved Toffoids, non-evolving Toffoids to give the evolving ones something to stress about and give them the need to evolve.  Idea’s about land, flying, digging, and swimming variants of Toffoids have been talked about.

The term “Habaltar” has been given to Toffoids that can evolve into other things.  That’s it for now.  Possibly some artwork from the kiddos about what these things could look like if we decide to add graphics to the project.  🙂

Update 02-08-2017:

Now that the basic idea has been figured out…I decided that I really must have some way to display the stuff that’s floating around in memory…and then I decided I’m going to take that a step further and actually figure out how the Toffoids are going to exist…so Ploffoids came to be.  A ploffoid is a toffoid that other toffoid’s can live on…now how to show ploffoids.

I felt that it would be easiest to try to pick up Unity and see if I can make the graphics part work using that…to that end I went through the “Roll a Ball” tutorial and managed to create my first game with it…now I’m just trying to find a way to create a cuboid type globe…which will be my “ploffoids”.  I’ll post some more info once I figure that stuff out.  🙂

Here’s a couple of posts I’ve come across that talk about something similar to what I’m trying to do.