A moment of captured soul

This morning I was listening to whatever happened to randomly pop up on my master favorites list.  Just a small list of 1500 songs or so that I’ve liked over the years.

Poison’s Ball and Chain came up.  Now this song isn’t on my favorites list because of it’s masterful level of guitar playing or it’s amazing level of song construction.  I mean everyone knows it…this is a filler song.  Poison did not sit around for months thinking that one up.  It is however a great song to use for improving guitar skills…lots of cool good practice riffs in there.

No…this song is on my favorites list because before the song even really starts you hear what sounds like the band warming up.  It could all be part of the song or someone could have just flipped on the recording equipment as the band was getting ready to go…I don’t know the true story behind the recording…but somewhere around 28-29 seconds into the recording you can hear a piece of the guitarists soul…just for a split second.  I don’t know if he meant it to happen or if it just accidentally slipped out, but everytime I hear him do that walk down from that riff…I get a picture of him in my head and I imagine the look on his face is so intense right there.  Every damn time I hear that…I think of that same thing.  It’s not complex, it’s not long, it’s not some thrashing thing…just something quick, pure, an simple.  That’s what it’s there.

A moment of captured soul

A little tune that touches my soul

Hello loyal followers!  I think today I’ll be posting something musical.  I mentioned this song on Facebook a while back…but I heard it on my way into work this morning and refreshed it’s presense in my head so…away we go.

I’m not an overly religious person…and I’m not going to ever really chat about religious beliefs in this blog…let it suffice to say I follow pretty close to an agnostic like system.

That being said…these lyrics from Machine Head’s Darkness Within are something that make me understand that “they were wrote for me” cliche…

Mysterys forgotten chords
I strum in vain to please the lord
But he has never answered me
My faith has waned eternally
In empty men who pass along
The woes of all religions wrong
But now the shadowed veil it falls
Heed the clarion call
So pray to music build a shrine
Listen in these desperate times
Fill your heart with every note
Cherish it and cast afloat
Because god is in these clef and tone
Salvation is found alone
Haunted by its melody
Music it will set you free
Let it set you free

I used to be a bible thumpin hard core believer in Christianity…which the first 4 lines spells out beautifuly.  Then as I’ve grown older my experiences have shown me there’s the same short comings I found in Christianity in pretty much all other religions…and I eventually come to realize that my religion comes from the music I listen to.  It’s where I look to for comfort, solace, wisdom, direction, and faith.  “God is in these clef and tone…Salvation is found alone.”  That so fits me to my core.  Anyone that knows me will know it was true long before I ever heard this song.

Now every time I hear these lyrics, my eyes well up…maybe it’s the way Robb Flynn is delivering the message…maybe it’s just the power of the connection that resonates with me…but it’s no exaguation…Music!  Let it set you free!

So anyway…I think I’ll wrap it up by saying that music is so amazing.  The sound carries with it the history of our world with every new combination and mashing that’s thought up.  The words inspire emotion and passion in everyone…maybe not all the time, but no one can deny that music has brought out some degree of emotion from within them at some piont in their life…few things have that sort of all encompassing effect.  Anyway…that’s enough for now.  Hope you enjoyed the perspective.  🙂

A little tune that touches my soul

Don’t be a Tool

This is inteded to be a sub-section of my brain where I pour onto virtual paper my deepest and inner most thoughts about music and the artists who create it.  Beware…I do not carry a common or popular opinion about music in most cases and my tastes are wide and varied.  I enjoy discussing so feel free to comment with your opinions as well.

To start…I’m going to fire with both barrels and bring up the man who’s caused me a whole crap load of emotion over the years.  I’ve loved him and hated him for it…and I’m currently set pretty firmly in the “really dislike the guy” category because he’s kinda an ass.

I speak of none other than Mr. Maynard James Keenan.

MJK’s music, and most specifically the work he’s done with Tool, has always resonated very deeply with me…even to this day and even though I restrict myself from listening to his music…I often think to riffs / melodies / lyrics that come from it.  It’s been just about a year now since I’ve listened to any of his music…and it still haunts my subconcious in everything I think about.

So, what’s my beef with him?  Well, mostly how two faced I feel he is.  His music is very deep and cerebral but yet when he’s presented with millions of fans who find his art inspirational he calls them fools and losers.  I’ve heard him speak out against the establishment yet he shows that he revels in it and often trolls people while doing it.

Just as an example…years ago I remember him selling a stupid belt buckle just after he started his Puscifer music.  He fully admitted that it’s a worthless piece of junk, but that he was going to sell it for $100 each anyway just to see if people would buy it…and it sold out and he laughed at folks for doing it.  To me that’s messing with people for the sake of pointing out that they’re idiots for spending $100 on a piece of crap belt buckle…and $100 isn’t chump change to most people…it’s at least 2 – 3 tanks of gas!  My point being is that in this example I felt he was a jackass for scewing with people like that.  I over looked it for a long time until he outright called all the people that found deeper meaning (you know…his fans) in his music losers…that’s pretty much when I took all MJK music off my playlists and decided to move on to better musicians.

I’m not a loser because I felt things I “thought” he was trying to convey in his music.  He’s the loser for making fun of people who found that deeper meaning.  Intentional or not, there is very deep phylisophical meaning an intentions in the music MJK produces…and I’m sad that I won’t let myself listen to it anymore because it reminds me of the man who created it who seems to be an asshole…and I just can’t bring myself to continue supporting an asshole.  The whole experience has made me truely believe that he wasn’t just singing a sarcastic scenario in “Hooker With A Penis”, but rather a true accounting of what he’s really been doing over all these years.

Anyway…rock on readers, maybe someday I’ll run across another musician of MJK’s talent and calbre who actually is a decent fellow and not a jerk.  😉

Don’t be a Tool